Spring and Gears



Springs, gears, pipes and wires are part of the world as they are integral components of surrounding us appliances. Can they have a second life? Can they have another purpose and become a part of art?

We all collect things, but only some of them have a great meaning for us, only some are part of our story.

I create artistic forms and designs mostly from old, dispensable everyday objects. Usually they have their own story. So I tear them to pieces to assemble them again in innovative, cohesive and unrepeatable way. Then they tell another story and the story can be yours…

My art is for people who seek to provide themselves or their business with unique identity. It can make way to express your originality and foremost it will represent your courage not to give in to current trends.

SPRINGandGEARS project is an assemblage art that can be custom made. We may also provide you with more practical things like clocks, lamps, mirrors, coat racks, tables, chairs and many more. All will match the identity of you, your place or your company.




inspired by depeche mode

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